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hydrographics houstonHydrographics by Custom Camo is a specialist in the Water Transfer Printing industry. Water transfer printing is an innovative graphics printing technique used for decorating ro coating hard surfaced materials like glass, wood, metal and plastics.

Water Transfer Printing is the process of using special film that is printed with graphic art work. The design is transferred to the item using water displacement technology by submerging it in water through the ink. The ink is then printed onto the item as it passes through the ink into the water.

Which Design?
There are a multitude of designs available to decorate your items today. Everything from burly maple, walnut or marble to raindrops and full blow digital camouflage. Flames and other popular items for motorcycles and even snakeskin if that is what you would prefer. There are many, many other hydrographic designs available today and zebra, skulls, hundred dollar bills are not the least of them.
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!Visit our gallery to pick the pattern you would like on your next project and email or call us today

What Can I Dip?
Just about any item can be dipped. The rule of thumb is, "If it can be painted, we can dip it". We can dip plastic, wood, metal, aluminum, steel and various other items. Complex 3D shapes can also be dipped and that is what makes this entire hydrographics process unique.

Hydro Imaging can be applied to just about any hunting, sporting, firearm, deer skull, valve cover or even wheels. We also offer full service OEM services for manufacturers too.


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